Workshops will give you the tools to heal and grow.  They’re  designed to take you on the deepest of journeys into your self, unmasking the shadow, embracing a beautiful more authentic you, and helping you to create a life that is richer and fuller inside and out!  

All the workshops are very different but share 4 elements in common.

♦You’ll laugh
♦You’ll cry
♦You’ll come away with a better understanding of yourself
♦You will heal or begin the process of healing relationships with the people around you and more importantly, you will form a better relationship with yourself.

Where:            Various locations around Brisbane. (You may also like to host a workshop in
                                  your own home and only pay 1/2 price)
Numbers:       Min 4 people required for a workshop.
 (If you are hosting you will be
                                    responsible for inviting friends and providing refreshments).

Days:                Flexible.

How to book a workshop
Scroll through the Workshop Menu to select the one that best resonates with you.

Contact Roslyn via the contact form below.     If you have not heard from me within 3 days, please phone – lack of response may indicate something wrong with email transmission.

ALL places must be secured with full payment one week prior to the workshop.


Truly Live Your Best Life NOW – Preparing for Dying & Death

Buddhist believe that we are not truly prepared to live until we are prepared to die.  In this workshop, we begin:-
Contemplating our own death as a means for self-reflection & healing now
Investigating the practice of gratitude, love, and forgiveness as a means for creating the best life you can live in this moment

This powerful and rewarding workshop involves healing on many levels.

Duration:  3.5 hours
Investment:  $115

Finding My Path – Getting Back on Track
Connect with your unique essence through activities that promote inner reflection and deeper understanding of self.    Questions for reflection:

» Where have you come from?
» Where are you now?
» Where are you going?
»Where do you want to go?
» What tools will you need to get you there?
» How have past experiences/influences shaped you and led you away from your true self.

Duration:  3hours
Investment: $99

What’s Wrong With My Vision Board – Tools to Truly Manifesting
Your vision boards never seem to work?
Things you manage to manifest just never seem to last?
If so, this workshop is for you.  As with all the workshops, there is a great deal of healing and reflection.  

Duration:  2.5hours
Investment: $90

Full-day Workshop
A combination of all 3 Workshops blended together to make a rewarding day of healing, sharing, and laughter.  You’ll leave enriched, lighter, and ready for a new life with a new you.

Duration: 6 hours
Investment: $196

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