Creating BALANCE between our masculine and feminine 


Re-igniting our SEXY, VIBRANT self

Despite spending years on self-development, nothing helped me grow more as a woman than my marriage of 30years coming to an end followed by a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer.   Is my life great?   You bet!   Amazing blessings come from adversity!  These events forced me to get honest and real about my self more than anything I had done previously.  I went from feeling like a voiceless, invisible, shadow of myself, to being B.I.T.C.H. In other words  ………. A…..

Control of

 I invite you to take a look inside my blogs, to journey with me through my marriage breaking down, to my cancer diagnosis, and a whole lot of wisdom in between.  I share my stories with you because I know it’s a shared journey among women, and  so  that you will not feel alone.  So that you will see there is a way back to the real you.   My workshops will give you the tools to heal and grow.  They’re  designed to take you on the deepest of journeys into your self, unmasking the shadow, embracing a beautiful more authentic you, and helping you to create a life that is richer and fuller inside and out!  

Being With Being is about learning to live in this moment without fear.  Less anger.  More forgiveness. Deep gratitude. Being With Being is for all of you who have lost your way because you’ve lost your self.  It’s about learning the art of Being.  And then being comfortable in that space.  Simply being with being.

Our core essence is not defined by labels which carry expectations and responsibilities imposed on us by our upbringing, society, culture etc.   Nor are we suppose to be driven by the past, which clouds our perceptions of the world around us and influences the way we respond and react to everything and everyone – usually in a negative defensive way.  Not certain if my Blogs and Workshops are for you?    Well, just ask yourself :-

  1. Do I BREATH deeply and fully in each breath I take?
  2. Am I able to find the BLESSINGS and GRATITUDE within the challenges I face?
  3. Do I PURSUE MY DREAMS  with confidence and enthusiasm?
  4. Do I put my SELF FIRST
  5. Have I FORGIVEN my past?
  6. Am I MANIFESTING my every desire?
  7. Do I feel FREE TO BE MYSELF around friends, family, loved ones?
  8. Does my life feel ABUNDANT, full of riches?

If you answered “NO” to any one of these questions, then you’ll benefit from attending any one of my workshops and subscribing to my Blogs or newsletters.  No matter your cultural background, financial position, religion… we all want the same thing.  To love and be loved, and….. to have a sense of connection to our ‘self” and the people around us.      Allow me to walk with you in becoming a truer, more authentic, version of your self.  

About Me.
Roslyn McMaster (BBehSc – Psychology)

After many years in lower management positions, at age 30 I obtained a Psychology Degree and worked in the field of youth homelessness, drug detox, and hospice.  Opening my own counselling practice in 2001, and specialising in Sandplay therapy, Emotional Release counseling, and Regression Therapy, many of my clients were working through issues stemming from childhood abuse and grief.   

Being a keen observer of human nature, my personal and professional experiences give me a well-rounded perspective on life, and people.  


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