Despite having a psychology degree and spending years practicing self-development, two major life events propelled me into getting honest and real about my self and my life.   First, the breakdown of my marriage after 30 years together.  Second, my diagnosis of stage 4 cancer, which followed 2 years later.

I went from feeling like a voiceless, invisible, shadow of myself, to being a B.I.T.C.H.    A Babe ITotal Control of Herself. I’m now having the kind of life I truly want.  The kind of life I deserve.

What’s on offer?
Ros’s Empowerment Coaching is for all of you who have lost your way because you’ve lost your self.    

Empowered Woman Workshop
This Heart-driven Workshop will give you the tools to connect with your unique essence, your authentic self, through activities that promote inner reflection and a deeper understanding of self.

It is my guarantee that if you participate fully, with an open heart and mind, you will heal and grow on many levels.

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Spiritual Guidance.  Mentoring. Speaking
We all want the same thing.  To love and to be loved, to have a sense of connection to our ‘self” and the people around us.  Allow me to walk with you in becoming a truer, more authentic, version of you.

Perhaps you’d like to book me to speak at you group? I’d love to share my message.

To book a chat time, Contact Roslyn .  I’d love to hear from you!

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Right from early childhood, we develop an ability to suppress negative emotions and create ‘coping mechanisms’ to deal with situations that seem beyond our control.Over time, as we grow older, those coping mechanisms no longer work, so new ways to deal with unpleasant feelings and emotions are found………..

Are You In Love With The Wrong Person?
Without self-respect, self-love, we’ll attract friends, love partners, environments, that show us the wounded parts of ourselves. After my 30yr marriage ended, I discovered it wasn’t so much that my husband didn’t love me.  Rather, he was reflecting my lack of self-love………..

Is it Possible to Stay Friends With Your Ex?
It’s unrealistic to expect true friendship status with your ex in the months preceding your split.    In fact, it may take years to reach that point.  Some people never get there.  At least one of you will be carrying hurt or anger.  There’s a reason you parted.  Let’s keep that in mind.

Do You Have A Cancer Personality?
Studies are showing that after resolving specific internal emotional conflicts, cancer has been known to stop growing at a cellular level.    In this article we  look at two studies into toxic emotions, caused by stress, and how they may be responsible for your cancer.

Finding Life Purpose After Cancer Diagnosis
For those of you beginning your search for spiritual meaning after a cancer diagnosis, it’s natural to start questioning everything about your life, and what lays beyond.  What was the purpose of my life? Where am I going after I die? Is there a God? Why me?

Chemotherapy Diet – Managing Side Effects
However, after a great deal of investigation, I have found some interesting facts that offer a more realistic perspective a ‘miracle detox diets’. The bottom line is…… once you decide to go ahead with chemotherapy, alternative treatments – especially strict detox diets – can actually cause you much harm.

Ayurveda Panchakarma Detox
I knew Panchakarma  was the right next step to detox my body from  harmful chemicals  following 6 months  of chemotherapy for stage 4 bowel cancer.  And so, after a great deal of research, I headed to South India for one month to partake in this gruelling therapy.  Clinic of choice, Ayurveda Yoga Villa, high in the hills of Wayanad, Kerala.


Take the first step to being an Empowered Woman … 
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Contact Roslyn .  I’d love to hear from you!  ……

Much love on your journey, whatever and wherever that may be.
Ros ♥

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